Corwood QLD has over 26 years’ experience in timber industry, vegetation clearing and machinery operations. Our expertise and ability to operate our technically advanced equipment have seen Corwood QLD win many diverse tenders.  This ability makes Corwood QLD leaders of our field especially with environmentally sensitive projects and clients wishing to set precedent for using a company that is innovative, using technically advanced machinery and ‘ABOVE’ industry performance with sustainable biodiversity in the vegetation industry.

Our services are available from medium to large projects, working independently or as part of a larger team and can scale up to any size project, for customers including local governments, state government including Main Roads, Forestry and QLD Rail, private companies and individuals. Corwood QLD specialise in tree clearing equipment which  allow us to operate quickly and efficiently to meet our customers demands. Projects have included civil projects, power line clearing, residential clearing, road/highway widening, subdivision development. Projects can be fully cleared including root balls or all vegetation cut and stumps ground to minimise soil disturbance in sensitive areas.

Mulch can be spread as a ground cover to prevent erosion and dust suppressant or removed and recycled for garden mulch.

Corwood QLD offer’s a full service of Fauna spotter/catchers and all Environmental Management during the project to meet all regulations.